Hey there!! I am Nandini, a wanderlust and always AWWW struck person. I like anything that is bright and colorful. Love to be in mother-nature,to walk around,hug and pose with trees. Dogs are my favorite,they are pure love. I love to watch films that are inspiring and make me cry with laughter. Books!!! they are amazing, writing, reading and doodling are favorites as well. I believe in good things happening against all the odds. No matter how excited and happy I am, sometimes I run into depression,anxiety like old friends.Well I tell myself, how would we know the worth of sunshine if we do not have few gloomy and cloudy days. I like to do zillion things at once and curse myself for being lost in the maze. Though too many things are too overwhelming life is all about experiencing and tasting all the flavors right, so that we can cherish the best once and learn from the rest.