Noise To Nostalgic

There was this noise in my head! As to what have I accomplished in my life so far! What have I done really? I wake up and sleep and eat! And everything else seems rather blank!

The constant chatter of my life bothers me. It feels heavy! It just stopped! Time runs and no gains! Because I can’t focus for a bit! I plan to do something but that doesn’t always happen the way I want it to be unfortunately! Until I don’t own my time and plan things that will ever work out! But where do I even begin from.

Speaking to people from the past! Haven’t spoken to them in so long! After 12 years! The memories feel so fresh! As if they happened a while back! Or simply yesterday! Remembering those faces and places makes me feel so good. The conversations are endless and the happiness just doesn’t stop. The support is so real and genuine. They wish and want you to be you and successful. For that I am grateful.

As I look back in life, as a kid the things that mattered doesn’t matter anymore. I got way to much noise in my head, the comparisons of progress and success. But what is progress and success without happiness and satisfaction. Constantly afraid not to do anything wrong and to always be a good girl that fits people’s expectations is often or always tiring. The perfection that we try to achieve aren’t as satisfactory as they seem! Flaws are what makes us real and unique. Let them be raw than polished to present and please the people around.

Let them be. Stay connected to people, not to show off that you achieved something. But rather to be there and ask for help if needed. Many a times the thing we need the most is words of encouragement and people that appreciate our imperfections and support us in life.

At the end of the day if we cannot sleep satisfied, would all the achievements and things that people think great really matter?

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