Enchanting October

As the weather slowly changes from beautiful fall to chilling winter and ofcourse its October, just a simple reminder that in another two months it’s another new year. So many things to be grateful and thankful for. This month has been truly amazing. Celebrating my birthday on the top of a mountain for the first time, one hour drive that took us from colorful fall folliage to crazy snowfall and the winds were too strong. Friends meetup. 31 days of continuous journalling. Yay!

Acadia national park

One among the best national parks to visit. The trees,mountains,beach, cliffs and the drive truly amazing. It was raining the whole day so didn’t get a chance to explore more. Nevertheless it was beautiful experience.

White mountains

I remember visiting this place last year in may. It was filled with lush of green. This year and also my first ever experience, within one hour of travel how I was so excited and happy to see the fall colors on the other hand within an hour distance, as I stepped of the car the snow literally hit me. It was so hard to stand, as the winds were really strong. It also reminded me of winterfell from game of thrones, winters in Harry Potter films and Narnia. My all time favorites

Lastly, my bullet journal. I saw others bullet journals, and I was like I need to make like that. I got ton of supplies like the markers, pens,washi paper, you name it and I have it. But inspite of having all that, I was not consistent journalling. I was checking others journals and was like look at them. How beautiful they are! Comparisons will take us nowhere! This month for 31 days I was finally journalling! I wrote about all my experiences and made a bujo that works for. Not too many stuff just a pen and book. And few supplies. The lesser the better feeling 😊.

Well this was my October, my birthday month and a beautiful one 💙🍃

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