Institute Woods

It is almost end of June and I haven’t written anything yet because I was procrastinating to get this post up. It was a hectic one and I have been travelling places.

It was one of those days when the temperature was just perfect to step out and explore around. Was searching for some hiking spots and found Institute Woods. Read the reviews and loved the pictures. I actually wanted to find the swinging bridge but could not.

We started around 9 in the morning. With windows down and some good music in the morning we were driving to this spot. Sundays are just perfect sometimes. In around 20 minutes I believe we reached. It was not too crowded and few people were riding their bicycles. Yay!

With few tall pine trees and dense trees a little further the place looked amazing. A trial with a width enough for 2 people to comfortably walk and three people could easily squeeze in. Because of the previous day’s rain the trials were still damp and often I nearly missed falling down. After nearly walking around for 2 hours and finishing 10,000 steps I was a happy girl ready to click some pictures.


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