The Last day Of May :)

It’s the last day of one beautiful month. By focusing on the things that really matter to us we can achieve them at greater speed. Before I talk about the goals that I have set for myself this month a little bit of back story.

Over the course of a year my lifestyle has changed so drastically. As a student I remember walking at least for an hour. It was either with my friends or by listening to my favorite music. The tall coconut tress on either side, the fresh breeze and the landscape was very scenic. Having all these in one frame, it was a perfect for a selfie 😉 too. Well that was a year ago. Ever since I got a job (which I am grateful for), I was not as active as I am supposed to be. Not to forget the amount of weight I gained. The quick grab and go, eating out, sitting for more hours, exhausted and laying on bed for longer than usual and blah..!! It was very easy for me to make all those excuses but to figure out a way to cope up huh that was a challenge.

One fine day I was like nah! I need to be better than what I am! Right now! That though popped up when I was simply sitting on my couch gazing at the clear blue sky. Well I thought of a zillion things. Do this, that, huh but first I need to calm myself down and what is that I really need to work on.I believe it was the end of April, I really wanted to set some goals for the month of May. 31 days holding myself accountable for. With one though in my head, ‘If I love myself I will do it for me’. Couple of questions on what is going on and what can be done.

Q: Am I as active as I was supposed to be?
NOPE! A big No. I am not even completing 5000 steps. I need to change that. The best option is to walk,run or jog, do anything but keep moving more. Listening to some up-beat music. It’s that good summer time. Being from India and living for two years in Miami, I have realized and appreciated summers after coming to New Jersey. My god! the cold winters
Task 1: Walking/Running/Jogging for 30 minutes a day

Q: What goes in, shows out! Well food. Am I eating health?
One of the best things is to cook. Well I honestly did not know how to cook. I was dependent on my roommates or eating out. Things that I really need to cut are pizzas, sub-way and the drive through. Quick is grab and go and tons of calories along.
Task: Making meals. To reduce portion sizes gradually and replace some common foods

Q: How do I feel?
Mental Health. Most of my posts are about thoughts because I think a lot. I have no clue how much I think. Some crazy weird things all the time. Everyone is so different. The way they think, do and act is based on their perspective. As an individual, I realized the things that really matter to me is my close circle(family and friends), my mental health(to be present, calm), fitness. I am not really concerned about having that perfect shape but rather how fit I am. To have a good stamina and to be active. My career. Haha! what would I do if I did not have a job and didn’t love it. Hmm! Hard to imagine!I was one of those who cared what others thought, how should I be rather than being my own way and a lot more crap. I was overwhelmed about when would certain thing really  happen.
Task: to be present, A little mindful about the things I do. listen more and responding less.

Reading books: You are a badass(Thinking), Power of Habit.

So the end results after 31 days.

Task 1: Fitness
I alternatively walk/ jog and run at least 30 minutes a day. Thanks to the sunlight we lasts till 8pm. While doing some chores I do some squats or jumping jacks. Can hold to a plank for 1 minute now. That was a good progress.

Task 2: Food
I make sure to have fruit smoothies just with a fruit and some soy milk. I add some chia seeds or flax seeds. I make my meals, reduced portion slices. I lost 4 pounds haha.

Task 3: Mental health
After I make up, I am in the process of increasing the silent minutes, for now I can sit for a like 3-4 minutes. I do body scan meditation after that. Sometimes I drink a bottle of water and sometimes I am just lazy to grab a bottle of water but eventually I will build the habit.

Reading Books:

You are a badass: The importance of believing in our selves and to trust and it was also my companion for my evening walks. When the author mentions about how we think and create our reality and the universe, I stop for a moment and look around and I realize how beautiful is Mother Nature. The fresh air, birds chirping, the tall green trees. It is beautiful.

The power of Habit: We are creatures of habits. Everything we do on auto-pilot is a repeated action. It might be a little hard to re-wire the existing ones but is not hard to replace. I made and I am making a list of things that I need to change and I am in the process.

Thanks to the books, the inspiring stories on Instagram, pins on Pinterest and the YouTube videos. The journey feels good. There were days when I felt I do not want to do this but then I remembered my journal where I log all my stuff, I really needed to fill with something good that would let me sleep with satisfaction and wake up the next day with a will to continue the process.

‘S  E  L  F  L  O  V  E  & S  E  L  F  C  A  R  E’   are so important and wonderful to do as well 🙂

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  1. Wow Nandini I didn’t know you right too!! love reading your stuff!! keep it up 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nandini Raju says:

      Thank you 😍💙


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