The beauty of change <3

It was another snowy day in New Jersey, with chilly weather and snow with 10-14 inches (according to the predictions). Thanks to the Quinn storm, everything was covered with snow and it was one beautiful one to see. Awww moment! but the after effects, hmm! I think we all of that. I saw couple of people clicking pictures and I was like its time for me too! Picked one of my brightest floral top and some make up on, lets begin.



Snowfall is a beautiful site to watch but, what if it snows every single day? Would we be happy about that. I would not be for sure. So is with sunny days. Often said, change is the only constant thing and it is one of the beautiful one if we learn to embrace it. So true. We have ups and downs, lows and highs. These are the times that help us evolve and grow. Life has to be dramatic sometimes.

I was talking to an old friend of mine. The conversation started with a text, followed by a video call for 2 hours and then a voice call for another 2 hours. Long talk right. Girls you see! We talked about our lives(the struggles of an international student to begin with). We have known each other for almost 7 years now. The journey through these years was not a smooth one. We were good friends, drama in between (when too many people are involved), we stopped talking and then back to being friends again. All these happened because of our behavior and the changes that we were going through. A lot was learnt in the process as well. Eventually we learn, “Friendship is way more important than our egos and jealousy”. The only important thing about the past were our memories, are the good times  filled with laughter.



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  1. Kqnchan says:

    Loved it ❤️ Keep writing ✍️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I will


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