Warmth of the Sun

I stepped out of my home couple of minutes ago to feel the warmth of the Sun. As the cool breeze touched my face, I had a feeling of contentment. It made me thank my life for everything that I have right now, for that second. It made me smile, and to I laugh at my younger self. Most of us have those moments when we compare our current with our past for a lot of reasons. It differs from person to person. Couple of years ago, just like the great recession, I had a great depression. I was annoyed, irritated and often shut myself and wept looking at my miserable self. And everything was in my head like seriously.

Sometimes, something bad happens and we just keep thinking about it all the time. It is like one of our favorite songs that is being played on repeat mode. Eventually, or coincidentally something else goes wrong and there we go cursing our fates, again. And, that was me. I had a great regret for my choices and endless guilt. OMG! What am I doing with my life. Also, I slept for long hours just like sleeping beauty(haha kidding :P). Because of how I was to how I am today, I am saying,”Everything is working out and you just need be patient and calm” to my younger self.

It is not easy is and yet it is not impossible. What we constantly tell ourselves and take the respective actions will make us. Its important to be grateful and thankful for everything that we have in our lives and to make every moment count(I wish I knew this earlier). Once a moment is passed, it is missed. In life we do not have an edit option for that moment, expect to think, I wish I did that. Let go of guilt and all the negative feelings. Living life the way you want, and challenging the obstacles and marching ahead is all we can do. That can be done only when we trust, believe and love ourselves as we are.

Well, those were so many thoughts, which started just with the warmth of the sun. No wonder we humans have an average of 50k-70k thoughts a day (Source: Google)

P.S: You know that feeling when you see swing after so long. It brings back so many memories. As a kid, how carefree we were and everything just felt good and right. To play, to laugh and to just be there. That was life and that can be life If we are in the NOW!


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  1. srijan says:

    can’t decide as to what’s more beautiful; the writer’s art or the art itself? i guess it’s the heart that made you write these words so lovely :))


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